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When Planning Your Next Piece, Start At The Finish(er)

As published in Printing Views Magazine:

"The following scenario happens at finishing companies more often than you think. A beautifully printed piece arrives on the shop floor, ready to be diecut and folded. The purchase order calls for nothing out of the ordinary. No handwork, no lengthy makeready, etc. It does not take long, however, to realize that the look the designer had in mind is going to be very difficult – if not impossible – to achieve with the finishing option they have chosen. The finisher is then left scrambling for a viable solution to get the job done properly and on time.

This scenario can be easily avoided if everyone involved with the production of a piece remembers one thing: START AT THE FINISH! It is fruitless to come up with a great design that can not make its way from the computer screen to the client’s hand. By consulting your finisher during the design phase of the production process, you can be sure that the great idea in your head can be accurately and efficiently produced. The following article will outline a few tips to keep in mind that will ensure swift, worry-free movement of your project between all production channels."

In our pre-production planning section, you can obtain an estimating checklist, ordering checklist and useful tip sheets on die file and foil stamping and embossing file preparation. To continue reading this article or find more published trade articles, please follow this link to our articles section.