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Create Proper Electronic Die Files for Foil Stamping and Embossing

Eliminate all print-related information The same as with die cutting die files, embossing and foil stamping files should not contain any information that you do not want foil stamped or embossed. This includes all color information, masks and screens.

Convert fonts to outlines only The outline of a font is all that is necessary when creating dies for foil stamping and embossing. In Adobe Illustrator, select the Create Outline option for every font in the file. To avoid problems, also include key information about each font, such as point size and font name. If you are sending a QuarkXpress file, be sure to include all fonts and image files that are used, otherwise we cannot output the films correctly.

All scans should be high-resolution If the file will include scanned artwork, it should be no less than 600dpi resolution. A lower resolution may result in blurry, inaccurate lines and edges. Make sure all images are sent in black and white only; color or grayscale images may compromise quality and turnaround times.

Send files in the appropriate format Save files at 100% scale and indicate right reading. Diecrafters currently prefers Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Streamline files. Many other programs are fine too. Contact us regarding program, file extension and version compatibility.

Enclose hard copy proofs This step verifies electronic file accuracy and prevents surprises!

These tips will help you create electronic die files that are easier and faster to use. As always, communicate the details of each project with Diecrafters in advance to make sure that your files will achieve the results you desire.

PLEASE NOTE: These are suggested guidelines only. Diecrafters welcomes the opportunity to work with you. We will accommodate alternate electronic file preferences whenever possible.