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March 2005
This Month's Tip:

Mounting Printed Forms

Wander through any office, public area or store, and before long you'll see mounted products on the walls, desks or counters. A popular way to display printed material, mounting describes the process of gluing one substrate to another, frequently a printed form to a backing piece designed for sturdiness and rigidity.

There are several options available when you want to mount a printed sheet to a backing substrate. Chipboard is a common and effective mounting substrate. Corrugated board is another option, and while it will provide more rigidity than chipboard, the uneven surface may result in a rippled appearance - especially if a thinner top-sheet is used. Foamboard is also popular for mounting due to its smoothness and light weight.

Cut to Shape
Mounting rectangular press sheets is a standard operation, but occasionally it doesn’t do the job. At Diecrafters, we can cut rounded corners on your mounted pieces or die cut your mounting work into unique shapes for a truly custom project.

Layout Tip: When planning any type of mounting job, over sizing your press form by 1" beyond the final trim size, is a good rule of thumb. This will facilitate a solid glue bond to extend beyond the final trimmed edges. This will prevent the potential for delaminating at the edges of the final display.

The Diecrafters Advantage
The blending of many processes can deliver unique products that last for years. At Diecrafters, we use a combination of die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and many other operations to make your mounting projects stand out. Give us a call and put our team to work on your next creative piece.


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