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February 2005
This Month's Tip:

DVD/CD Holder Mailer or Brochure?

Gone are the days when bulky videotapes and group packs of cassette tapes serve your media functions. Lightweight media formats have enabled designers to blend brochures and media into dual-purpose pieces and allow for more creative packaging designs, construction and uses. Here are a couple of examples:

Information of all Stripes
It is increasingly common to supplement company and organization brochures with CD and DVD inserts. Brochures, often done as self-mailers, can incorporate disc packaging to augment the information represented in print. With a series of folds, die cuts and decorative touches, the brochure can hold multiple discs for easy access and removal, and turn your brochure into a small library of information.

Media Mailers
The U.S. Postal Service's Customized Market Mail program allows you to not only send mailers of unusual sizes, but include thin multimedia as part of your package as well. Because the mail is unpredictable, protecting your discs during transit is a crucial element of design. Diecrafters can help you design an eye-catching mailer that can be produced efficiently. Once approved, we can also create prototypes that you can "test mail" to verify that pieces arrive at their destination safely.

The Diecrafters Advantage
At Diecrafters, we combine our expert die cutting, foil stamping, embossing and related services with what we call "Idea Generation", our unique process of engineering your inspirations into reality. Our creative team is always available to help you plan your projects for efficient production, so give us a call today to get started!


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