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January 2005
This Month's Tip:

Easels: From Supporting Role to Spotlight

A display supported by an easel back has one purpose in life – to be noticed...So when the opportunity comes for a customer to read that sign, tear off a coupon or form, or take a brochure, you want the display to stand up to the task.

Two important factors play a role in the success of your display: form and function. You want the easel to hold the display up. But for how long? How large is the piece? Do you need the strength of a tipped-on easel or is your project light enough that a more economical self-easel can be incorporated into the design? Here at Diecrafters we can assist you with those questions and help you achieve maximum effect.

This single-wing easel is a simple but adaptable stand that can be glued or taped on printed or mounted pieces. Different heights for pieces of different sizes can support an array of displays, and multiple easels spread across the back of a piece provide extreme stability. A picture hanger hole available on many easels offers even greater versatility.

Adding strength, stability, and longer life is the double-wing easel, also glued or taped to your display. Tall displays and those with items affixed to the front, like “take ones,” benefit from these easels, which are at their most stable when used with side stiffeners.

Another strong easel is the side-wing with die-cut, turned-in panels. Not only are they stable and simple, they, too, ship flat and are easy to set up. Perfect for supporting tear-off pads or pockets for brochures and cards, this design offers optional locking devices or double-wall construction for added strength.

This self easel is a creative, cost-effective way to hold up lighter pieces. Requiring no handwork to affix, this die-cut easel machine glues in-line and ships flat. Just pop it out, fold it over, insert the tab, and you’ve got a stunning stand.

The Diecrafters Advantage
At Diecrafters, we help you ensure that your easel display stands up and stands out. From simple to ingenious, we will work with you to produce your easel job cost effectively. We can die-cut custom easels in any size to fit the piece, and even affix a pad of coupons or add a pocket to hold brochures or cards. Rounding out our capabilities are finishing services that range from expert die cutting, foil stamping and embossing to mounting, specialty folding and gluing, kit packaging, and much more. Contact Diecrafters today to shine the spotlight on your display needs.


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