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September 2004
This Month's Tip:
Small Products Can Make a Big Difference

The addition of small-format pieces tipped onto mailers and promotional pieces can often be the key to getting your product noticed. At Diecrafters, we have many options for die cutting. One of those choices is the PMC or Hi-Die die cutter. This machine uses a seamless die to produce nick-free perimeter cuts. With the ability to cut products as small as 1" x 1", we can create specialty labels and cards of all types and shapes.

Hi-Die machines use a seamless die to produce high quality, nick-free perimeter cuts. Card applications are a standard cut, but almost any shape is possible at Diecrafters.

Another use for this type of machine is to die cut one, two, or three sides of a bound or folded brochure, pad or book to create a different shape on any of the three edges.

Creative Design Idea:
Small-format attachments are a great way to generate interest and boost responses to direct mail campaigns. For example, a credit card offer may include a mock credit card tipped on their brochure. With round
cornering and other unique shapes, Diecrafters can create attention-getting projects time after time. With the die cutting capabilities at Diecrafters, the possibilities are nearly limitless!

The Diecrafters Advantage
In addition to precision small format and standard die cutting, Diecrafters offers a wide range of finishing solutions, such as foil stamping and embossing, to add intrigue, detail and a unique touch to your designs. Additional capabilities such as mounting, easel affixing, fugitive gluing and all the other standard finishing services enable us to handle the complete production of your projects in-house. Contact the experts at Diecrafters and let us help you discover finishing solutions that bring your designs to life.


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