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June 2004
This Month's Tip:
Table Tents

Table tents are found in many business environments because savvy managers know that customers make impulse purchases. Try them for restaurants, bars, hotels, banks and many other similar situations. Table tents work because they influence behavior in an up-close and personal way.

This table tent design involves a simple interlocking mechanism, allowing for easy assembly without the use of glue or tape.

Consider a restaurant application. Beautifully decorated, well-designed table tents offer tantalizing food and beverage options usually within an arm's length of the typical customer. These die-cut displays are folded and glued to showcase items likely to be bought on impulse. This is why so many appetizers, desserts, expensive beers and dishes are featured on table tents. The goal for many of these products is to entice customers to either increase the size of their order or direct the purchase toward a specific brand.

Table Tent Design Options
As in most graphic arts projects, form enhances function. Table tents can be designed for either economy or maximum marketing impact. Table tents can be die cut in a variety of shapes. They can be as simple as a sheet of thick paper (or light-weight board) scored, glued or taped, creating a free standing triangle. They can have additional scores for easy folding and cost effective shipping. For the budget conscious designer, tape or glue can be completely avoided with an end-user assembled interlocking mechanism at the bottom of the tent. Stiffeners can be die cut at the bottom or side to provide additional rigidity. Features such as take-one pads or dimensional graphics can be tipped on to add more flair or functionality to your piece.

For a table tent that needs sturdy construction, folding “ears” can be die cut to resist collapsing, such as on this design.

The Diecrafters Advantage
When it's time for you to design and produce your next table tent, involve Diecrafters because you will get your intended result as fast as possible. Let us help you produce the right table tent for your needs. At Diecrafters, we're known for handling large quantities well into the millions. However, did you know that we're experts at producing short run jobs too? Converting digitally printed toner based sheets is no problem for us. Also, we are happy to supply a die file and mock up with any order, which could be used in the designing and planning processes.

Our decorating options include hot foil stamping, embossing and hand assembly. If you allow us to be your table tent and point-of-purchase display resource, Diecrafters will gladly work with you to develop attractive and eye-catching products … that do the job!


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