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May 2004
This Month's Tip:
Interactive Designs

A promotional piece isn't effective unless the copy and images spark interest and inspire action. However, there's more to design than just this. The construction of the piece itself can be used to build intrigue, especially if recipients can interact with it. Cleverly constructed promotions beg for people to handle them for a prolonged period of time. And the longer people keep them, the greater the reinforcement
of the message.

The Mechanics of Interactive Designs
There are plenty of ways to incorporate interaction into your designs.
For example, flaps can be designed that beckon the user to pull a message through a die-cut window, revealing a portion of the text or image at a time. Another design possibility is to create a wheel that rotates on a grommet. As the user turns the wheel, a different message can be displayed through a window.

Interactive pieces can feature a turning wheel (left) or sliding pullout tabs (right).

Start at the Finish - An Example
Products with interactive messages are best engineered when the
design and production of the piece emanates from the finished piece you're trying to achieve. At Diecrafters, we helped a client engineer a booklet that featured an interactive wheel designed to display a sequential message. Since the wheel was going to be located on the cover of the piece, there were concerns that a metal grommet would obscure text and graphics and detract from the overall appearance of
the piece.

Our solution was to engineer a concealed hub mechanism that would stabilize the wheel for best registration, yet allow for printing on both sides of the cover. Working with our customer's design, we engineered the mechanics of the wheel to include "stops" inside the cover that offered tight registration.

The Diecrafters Advantage
These are only a few examples of how pieces can be engineered to include interactive devices. At Diecrafters, we specialize in putting our folding, gluing and die cutting technology to work to incorporate interactive messages that beg to be activated. In addition, our foil stamping, embossing, saddle stitching and fulfillment capabilities allow you to keep the complete post press production of your interactive devices under one roof.


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