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February 2004
This Month's Tip:
Tying the Design with the Message

Creative design often goes beyond the graphics and images printed on a piece. Finishing techniques such as die cutting, foil stamping and embossing bring an added texture and dimension to a product. Whether your product is promotional or packaging, design and high-quality finishing can be combined to create a truly attention-grabbing piece.

Make Every Second Count
The success of a product, particularly in a retail environment, often hinges on its ability to attract attention. On crowded store shelves, consumers may take only a few seconds to sum up their options and make a selection. Packaging that is distinctive and instantly recognizable makes the most of that brief amount of time. At Diecrafters, we can take advantage of folding, die cutting and gluing to create a package that both securely holds one or more products while allowing consumers to recognize its purpose and interact with it.

Promotional products also benefit from post press production that takes designs a step closer to mirroring their content or message. For example, a promotional piece for a bus company might be die cut in the shape of a bus. Carefully-designed flaps and folds can also be incorporated into the design to create a three-dimensional bus that leaves a lasting impression.

Bring Designs to Life
Foil stamping and embossing can also play a role in promoting a piece’s message. Embossing can add depth and dimension to an image, allowing it to better replicate the product being advertised. For example, a piece designed to look like a vinyl record could be die cut into a circle and embossed to produce authentic-feeling ridges. A shiny black foil could even be applied to render a waxy appearance of a real record. Regardless of your design, the choices are limited only by imagination.

The Diecrafters Advantage
At Diecrafters we offer a wide range of post press solutions to help you create products that mirror their content or message. Our high-quality die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, debossing, folding, cutting and gluing capabilities allow us to handle all of your post press needs in-house. We understand the importance of an attractive first impression, so let us help you plan your project for efficient, on-time production.


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