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January 2004
This Month's Tip:
Designing Dimensional Mailers

When was the last time you received a book or CD-ROM disc in the mail? If it arrived in nothing more than an envelope, you probably didn’t find it in perfect condition.

In order for products to travel safely through the mail, they should be properly packaged for the purpose. This is particularly important for delicate items or marketing and promotional campaigns, where the condition of your items can make a world of difference in the perception of your company.

Direct mailers that will carry items through the mail will often require some dimension to hold and protect those items. The design of these dimensional mailers is often predicated on its intended function. A mailer that will carry only a CD-ROM disc, for example, may need to be engineered much differently from one that will hold several product samples.

Of course, functionality shouldn’t come at the expense of appearance. With a little advance planning and proper engineering, dimensional mailers can both protect the items they hold and present them attractively to recipients.

Creating Dimension - There are several different ways to create dimension in a mailer. The proper option for an application depends largely on the item being held and the importance of its presentation.

For products such as stitched or bound books, a dimensional pocket can be formed from die cut, folded and glued panels. The pocket can then be enclosed using a wraparound panel, which can be sealed using a tuck flap, wafer seals, tape or spots of glue.

If presentation is a top priority, panels can be folded and glued to form a double wall construction, which creates a cavity that will both protect and display the items. This is a great solution for promotional mailers that include items such as pocket calculators or product sample packages. In either case, the strength of capacity pockets and double wall cavities is heavily influenced by the weight of the stock used to create the mailer.

Some other construction possibilities include stiffeners formed from folded inserts, or padding such as foam or corrugated inserts. All of them give mailers the rigidity necessary to transport more delicate items such as prepackaged CD or DVD discs. If only the discs themselves will be included, foam dots can be affixed to the mailer to hold the disc.

Planning Tip - It is a good idea to budget a few dollars and a few days to produce a small test run. By shipping some mailers via the chosen delivery method, you can get a first hand look at what the client will see when they get your product.

Ask Diecrafters
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