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October 2003
This Month's Tip:
Die Cutting Essentials

Die cutting is unique in the post press world in that itís limited only by your imagination. It can be used to highlight printed images, bring life to otherwise square panels, and even create certain products. From book covers to point-of-purchase displays, die cutting is a valuable tool that can be used to enhance both functional and decorative applications. To get the ball rolling on your designs, here are a few examples of each:


Functional Applications

Cartons and Packaging - Die cutting can be used to create easy-to-assemble cartons and packaging, or to form capacity pockets on point-of-purchase displays and other applications. 

After gluing, the cartons are assembled by folding together small flaps and then inserting a die cut tab under tuck flaps at the end of the carton. 


Point-of-Purchase Displays - Customers on a tight budget will often specify thinner stocks to reduce costs on point-of-purchase applications, which could result in a lower-quality finished product. With proper planning, we can form die cut stiffeners that provide ample rigidity.


Expandable Pockets - A common complaint of capacity pockets is that they are easily crushed when not filled. Die cutting can be used to create a pocket that expands as materials are placed inside. Some methods, such as expandable pockets and accordion gussets, allow us to form a pocket that lays flat when empty yet allows for capacity when full.


Decorative Applications

Custom-Shape Mail Pieces - Die cutting opens up a world of marketing possibilities, allowing you to create materials in unique shapes that match your product or service. A new mail class of the U.S. Postal Service called Customized MarketMailô now makes it more cost-effective than before to mail die cut shapes. For more information on Customized MarketMail, visit www.usps.com


Registered Die Cuts - Many intricate die cuts can be made even more impressive if they also register to a printed image underneath. Popular applications for registered die cutting include windows and other shapes on the covers of books or pocket folders. 


Ask Diecrafters

These are just a few of the functional and decorative possibilities die cutting offers. Involve the experts at Diecrafters early in the project planning phase to be sure you get the look you want, produced on time and within your budget. For more die cutting ideas, visit www.diecrafters.com/Gallery.htm.


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