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September 2003
This Month's Tip:
Greeting Card Design Options

Holiday greeting cards are often the most visible promotional item your company will send out all year. An eye-catching, well-engineered greeting card will find prominent space on the wall or desk of your top customers and prospects. At Diecrafters, we offer you plenty of design and production options to help you create a multitude of effects on your greeting cards.


Foil Stamping and Embossing

Foil stamping and embossing are ideal for adding depth and detail to your printed images. Embossing can make snowflakes pop off the card, or the boughs of a tree come to life, while foil stamping can give images a texture and richness beyond that of conventional inks. Foil stamping and embossing are often used in combination to give images even greater realism.


There are dozens of different foils available to give your cards the effect you desire. For example, a metallic foil can be used to lend a subtle elegance to images of garland or bells. A pearl foil is slightly translucent and is a great way to add dimension to a snowy scene. A holographic or patterned foil can include glitter, streaks, stripes or one of many other patterns that help make your cards stand out.


Die Cutting

Die cutting is a great way to bring your cards to life. Popular options include die-cut outlines of trees, stars, snowflakes, sleighs and other holiday images. Die cuts can also be used to form words or create a window on the front of a card that registers to an image or copy underneath. 


Die-cutting can be combined with creative folding techniques to form pop-ups, sliders and other features that add a touch of animation to your cards. These production options offer you a plenty of creative freedom. For example, a snowy fir tree can spring from the card when opened, while a slider allows a sleigh to glide across a snowy trail.


The Diecrafters Advantage

At Diecrafters, we can handle the complete production of your holiday cards, including foil stamping, embossing and debossing, die cutting, folding, cutting, fulfillment and more. We want your holiday cards to represent your company well, so let us help you plan them for efficient production and lasting impressions.



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