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August 2003
This Month's Tip:
CD and DVD Packaging Options

As digital media products such as CDs and DVDs continue to augment printed materials as a means of exchanging information, it’s important to find efficient, cost-effective ways to distribute them. Whether you need to distribute your discs individually or with complementary products, there are dozens of packaging solutions that will fit your needs.


Single and Double-Pocket Carriers

Most CD carriers involve gluing a pocket into one panel on a two-panel, folded piece. When folded, the facing panel encloses the disc, and the open end can be sealed with a spot of fugitive glue, wafer sealed or inserted into an envelope.


If two discs need to be included, a second pocket can be formed on the other panel to accommodate it. The second pocket could also hold a booklet or other literature that will accompany the disc. A die cut thumb notch is a common option for this design, as it can be clumsy to remove discs without it. An alternative sealing method is a zipper strip, which involves taping a short flap over the open end of the mailer. A series of perfs creates a strip that can open the package when broken.


Alternative-Disc Carriers

As convenient as CD and DVD discs are, they’re still not small enough for some applications. Credit card-size discs or “digi-cards” are popular for distributing brief video presentations or as a “virtual” business card. A slit rather than a pocket is used to secure the disc and display it prominently. 


Another good method to hold a disc is the use of “disc-dots”. These self adhesive foam circles the size of the hole in a CD are affixed to the carrier and then holds the disc when pushed through the hole at the hub of the CD.


The Diecrafters Advantage

At Diecrafters, we’re happy to help you create a customized CD packaging solution. However, we also have plenty of solutions if you’re working under tight budget or time constraints. We have many files and standing dies, which allow you to save time and money by reducing tooling charges and setup times. 

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