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July 2003
This Month's Tip:
Compensating for Pushout


Pushout is a commonly overlooked element that can affect the appearance of many products. It occurs whenever multiple folds converge at a single location, such as in the paper airplane project shown in the inset. Products need to be engineered properly to compensate for the effects of pushout. 


Saddle-stitched books are a great example of a product that uses shingling to compensate for pushout. This is particularly important for saddle stitched books that include printed index tabs. Shingling allows both the tabs and the tab copy to appear evenly along the book’s face. In addition, any page that includes a die cut that registers to print may also require shingling to ensure that tight registration is maintained once the book is bound.


The Shingling Process

Shingling is often accounted for either by creating a production dummy or using one of several software applications. Computer-generated shingling measurements are typically less than accurate, as they are based on a calculation of the average paper thickness of a “typical” project, such as a stitched booklet printed on 60 lb. text stock. These calculations often fail to account for heavier stocks, paper coatings and finishes, scoring and die cutting, all of which impact the amount of pushout and appearance of the finished product differently.


The Diecrafters Difference

At Diecrafters, we use your actual production stock to create a dummy of your project. We score the sheets using the same method planned for production, then bind and trim the book to calculate our page-by-page shingling measurements. We then program those measurements into a die file, which will be used to create a working sample of the project. Once that sample has been approved we supply you with the die file, which you can then use to set up your copy and graphics.

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