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April 2003
This Month's Tip:
Effective Self-Mailer Design Options

When you need to make a lasting impression with a direct mail campaign, creative die cutting gives you a wide range of design options. Combined with folding, gluing and other finishing processes, the possibilities are almost limitless. To whet your creative appetite, here are just a few direct mail designs to capitalize on:


Do you want recipients to interact with your mail piece? Design elements such as pull-out panels (left) allow you to get creative with how your message is presented. Flaps inside the panels lock each panel together to prevent them from pulling out.


Cross folders reveal your message in stages as each panel is opened. Variable panel sizes give you plenty of design creativity; die cuts also enhance your options. A perfed panel can be designed as a BRC or information card. Sealing options can include removable glue - which can be applied inline during folding - wafer seals and more.


A unique sealing design, such as a die cut “zipper” perf (left), requires a little more interaction from the recipient and builds intrigue as the piece is opened. On the inside, a pop-up can be formed by folding and gluing a die cut panel, placing your message front and center. A die cut address window can be placed on the outside panel; the “flyer” can double as a BRC that’s tucked into a pocket below the pop-up. A right-angle perf can also be used to create an attached BRC. 


The Diecrafters Difference
At Diecrafters, our inline finishing capabilities allow us to convert many of these designs efficiently. With a library of more than 500 die files, you have a great deal of creative freedom when you’re looking to design an eye-catching direct mail program. Communicate with us the goals of your project, and let us help you design a mail piece that takes advantage of creative finishing techniques.

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