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March 2003
This Month's Tip:
Multi-Dimensional Products - Part Two
Take-One Holder

We’re picking up the discussion here in March right where we left off last month: Designing multi-dimensional products for efficient, automated production.

Take-one holder

Like last month’s example of a saddle-stitched booklet with a pop-up panel, this take-one holder design is also the result of a client asking us for a better solution. 


Typically, take-one holders are created by forming a pocket, and then gluing an easel onto the back in a separate production step.


To maintain automated production, this take-one holder design incorporates creative die cutting and multiple scores to create a self-sustaining piece that eliminates the need for hand assembly or gluing on a separate easel. The end user simply presses between the die cuts to create a pocket capable of holding pamphlets, brochures and other materials. This piece can also be designed to hang on a hook, or can be used as a self-easel/ counter card.


By eliminating production steps, this design increases the functionality and automation of the piece, making it more cost-effective to produce and faster to turnaround. In addition, the versatility of the design makes it adaptable to several different uses.


The examples we’ve highlighted the past two months illustrate what’s possible when you involve Diecrafters during the planning phase of your projects. That allows us to suggest alternative designs and production practices and help you create a multi-dimensional piece that fits your needs and budget.

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