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February 2003
This Month's Tip:
Multi-Dimensional Products - Part One

Adding a third dimension to a printed product makes it stand out from the crowd. However, engineering dimensional products can be a complex task; many designs may look good on the computer screen, but can be cost prohibitive to actually produce.


To get your creative juices flowing, here is an example of a multi-dimensional project thatís been engineered to include automated production steps, making it as economical as it is attractive:

Saddle-Stitched Pop-up

A client asked us for a solution on a project that called for a die cut image to pop-up when a saddle-stitched booklet was opened. In order to create the pop-up and maintain automated saddle-stitch production, notches were die cut into the panel to avoid the stitches. Since the pop-up panel was placed at the center spread of the booklet, we designed it as a sleeve and sized it to fit our gluing equipment, which permitted automated gluing. Both the notches and the panel design helped avoid two costly and time-consuming handwork steps.


These two changes were a result of our involvement in the planning stage. That gave us the opportunity to find solutions that lowered the overall cost of the project to stay within the client's budget. 


As part of the planning process, we were able meet with our customer's prepress department to find the best printing solutions. One result of that was to add background colors and bleeds to the inside of the pop-up sleeve. Since the inside of the sleeve was highly visible on this project, this change removed any white space that could interrupt the continuity of the image. We also incorporated wax-free inks to provide the best glue adhesion possible. Perforations were also used to simplify assembly, further reducing production time and cost. Had this project been printed and sent to us as-is, the overall cost would have been much higher and the finished product would not have been as attractive.


By working with Diecrafters during your projectís design phase, we can help you create a multi-dimensional piece that fits most needs and budgets!

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