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January 2003
This Month's Tip:
Plan Fugitive Gluing Jobs Right


The next time you open your mailbox, take a look at one of the self-mailers tucked among the bills and magazines. Chances are good it’s sealed with fugitive glue, a semi-tacky adhesive that holds the piece closed until opened by the end user.

Fugitive Gluing Applications
Fugitive glue is used primarily to seal direct mail pieces. At Diecrafters, we can perform fugitive gluing inline with folding, making it an attractive alternative to wafer sealing. Inline application also makes it useful as a “tack” to temporarily hold two panels together during folding or stitching. Another popular application of fugitive glue is attaching one product onto another, such as a product insert onto advertising materials.

Proper Adhesion is a Delicate Balance
To keep fugitive glue from tearing paper fiber or releasing prematurely, several factors about the two glued surfaces must be considered:

Paper – In general, the lighter the stock, the higher the risk of tearing. Extra attention must be paid to projects where a light stock is being attached to a thicker stock.
Coatings – While fugitive glue on uncoated stocks may cause tearing, aqueous and UV-coated stocks may not allow strong enough adhesion. Coatings will often need to be tested prior to fugitive gluing to ensure proper adhesion.
Ink coverage – Like paper coatings, heavy ink coverage can compromise the adhesion properties of fugitive glue. The amount of wax or silicone in ink affects adhesion quality, so let us test a printed sample prior to the production run.

Advantage: Diecrafters!
Fugitive gluing is both a mechanical and chemical process. That’s why you need a finisher with plenty of real-world gluing experience. At Diecrafters, we work with fugitive and other glue varieties every day. We draw on that experience to determine the properties of the specific glue you need. Let Diecrafters help you plan your next fugitive gluing project to avoid surprises and help you rest easy.

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