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October 2002
This Month's Tip:
Intricate Die Cutting

Intricate die cuts make your project stand out as they satisfy the creative needs of the designer and functional requirements of the piece. Talking to your finisher beforehand can save you valuable time and money to ensure that you get a quality piece produced with no surprises. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your pieces with intricate die cuts bring the greatest value: 

What’s An Intricate Die Cut? At Diecrafters, we die cut windows, slits, pockets, gussets and other common shapes everyday. However, sometimes a project calls for an unusual die cut to follow a skyline, a wrinkled witches hat or a puzzle piece, for example. These types of images require tight curves, angles and planning so that production efficiency isn’t compromised.


Let Designer And Finisher Work Together – For intricate die cuts, a designer’s exact sketch of the project will allow the finisher to determine the feasibility of the die cuts. It’s also a good idea to have the designer make a note of which project details are essential, and those that may be altered. This will give the die cutter some freedom to suggest changes that reduce waste and production costs. For example, if a piece contains business card or brochure slits, J-cuts not only expand the paper, but prevent unsightly waste, unlike dumbbell cuts. Similarly, insert slots require waste removal, which increases production time and allows paper to show through the slit. When slight changes need to be made, knowing which elements are critical ensures that the final customer will be satisfied with the piece.  

Provide Your Designer With All Information – Before your designer finalizes a project with intricate die cuts, discuss the details with your finisher. Arm yourself with the right questions so that the design reflects exactly what you and your client want, without sacrificing production rates.

Ask Diecrafters – Let us help you with your project. Whatever your design entails, we can help you create an impressively die cut piece on time and on budget. 

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