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July 2002
This Month's Tip:
Just Another Portfolio? Not So Fast

Admit it. When you hear the word “portfolio,” you’re thinking the basics: a folded sheet of thick paper with a glued pocket on each side. Admittedly, it’s nothing fancy. However, there are dozens of portfolio design options that can turn the basic pocket folder into a multi-purpose, attention-grabbing portfolio. 

Paper, plastic... or both?
Portfolios can hold more than just a price list or information packet. Books, CD’s, pens and other small items can be placed either inside the pockets, or in slits made on the pockets themselves to improve visibility.

With careful planning, portfolios can also be designed to display information. Recently, a customer was looking for a design that would not only hold a CD, but also make it pop up when the portfolio was opened. We were able to accomplish both with a design that automated most of the process, saving the client even more money.

Planning and production tips
The functionality of a portfolio is limited only by its design. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make your portfolio both useful and attractive. When planning your next portfolio, keep these tips in mind to be sure the entire process goes smoothly:

– What goes inside the portfolio is just as important as how it looks from the outside. For example, a thick book or double-CD package might require capacity pockets. 

– Consider how often the contents of the portfolio will change. Information that’s deemed “permanent” could be stitched in rather than placed in the pockets, leaving more room for time-sensitive information.

– If you plan to have an item fit between slits cut in the pockets, consult your finisher early in the planning phase to be sure the portfolio you design will handle the task. For example, larger objects such as CD’s need carefully-designed die cuts to hold the product and resist tearing.

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