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May 2002
This Month's Tip:
Design your projects for automated production, and save time money!

Projects that require complex gluing and folding can often be automated, saving you significant time and money. In order to automate the production process and achieve your design objectives, it’s important to convey the details of the piece. For example, providing a mockup of the project allows us to pinpoint any design problems and come up with alternative solutions. Here are a few things to be aware of when designing your piece. Because every design is unique, remember that we’re available to guide you through the process.

Avoid wrinkles or “crow’s feet” near folded edges
– Align paper grain with folder rollers.
– Avoid very thick stock, which may wrinkle during folding. Glue flap location can mask these wrinkles.

Plan die cuts carefully
– Irregular shapes that result in small or weak points may tear or “dog-ear” in some cases.
– Send us a sample or rendering of the configuration to be sure the die cut is automation compatible.
– Internal cuts, such as half-moon card slits, may require nicks or alternative side placement to allow maximum productivity

Consider adhesion and construction issues
– Knock out areas to be glued on all surfaces to achieve the best bond.
– Paper is three-dimensional, so plan accordingly. For example, on roll folds the two covers should be final-sized; however, each successive interior panel should be undersized from the one preceding it.
– Both water-based and hot-melt glues can leave marks. Glue flap location can hide these marks.
– Glue flaps less than 3/4” in width can cause excessive spoilage and poor bond quality.
– Avoid placing glue underneath graphics with large blocks of metallic or dark color, which reflect light and make the spots more noticeable.

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