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February 2002
This Month's Tip:
Production Options

When you’re designing a print project, you want to be sure you have every possible production option in front of you. At Diecrafters, we stress to our customers the importance of involving us as early as possible in the planning process. Very often, we can provide alternative solutions before the job is even printed that can save you time and money.
Here's an example of what we mean:
Let's say a customer comes to us with this project: a single-sided, slotted "take one" display holder supported by a stand-up easel. The customer's design has called for tipping (hand-gluing) of the easel. Let's assume this customer has involved us early in the design process, so we'll have the opportunity to suggest a few alternative production options that won’t impact the look or functionality of the piece.
For this particular piece, we could change the design to a two-panel tent display. This option provides more image area while remaining a one-sided print job. And, it allows Diecrafters to fully automate production, eliminating the need for handwork and slashing the total cost and turnaround time of your project. On a run of 100,000, the cost savings associated with this design change would be upwards of $25,000! 
In this challenging economic climate, smart companies are streamlining their capabilities and working closely with industry partners to improve their level of service. Let the experts at Diecrafters give you more options on your next finishing job - and help you win more business!

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