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January 2002
This Month's Tip:

Projects that require glue application as part of the finishing process need proper planning to meet the quality and turnaround expectations that your clients deserve. There are literally hundreds of glues designed to bond with a wide variety of substrates. Careful planning and ample consultation with Diecrafters will ensure that your product achieves its intended results. Here are two important tips to make sure your jobs are ready for gluing:

Adhere Paper To Paper
The best glue application is always bonding raw paper directly to raw paper. Any interfering materials - such as ink, varnish, coatings, etc. - will compromise glue adhesion. Although it may be tempting to save money on plates, the unintended result may be lost time and increased aggravation.

If the glue must bond to a substrate with inks or coatings on it, let us know before the piece is printed. Prior to printing, send us samples for testing. Then, we can ensure proper adhesion and suggest alternatives that will avoid delays in advance of production. Itís important to provide ample time for testing since adhesives have different drying and curing times that affect end results.

Construction Design Is Important!
Many types of glue contain water, which if not properly managed can cause watermarks such as warping and unsightly lines. Diecrafters can design construction changes that will hide these marks by placing them in the least obvious places. For instance, locating glue flaps on the body of the piece so they glue to the inside of the pocket will eliminate marking on the front cover.

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